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A guy with A.D.D. would like to say *squirrel!* Hi!
Hello! I'm eightydee.
Yes, I do have A.D.D. And I just wanted to say thank you for everybody's help. Some really smart people here. Glad you chosen the dark side instead of selfish companies with dollar signs in their eyes.

I'm into tweaking. I'm really into computers. More of gaming and security side than graphical and other.

With that said, Just want all you people have a great day and to people who create such programs as ones presented on this site, thank you. Simply amazing.

What computer language does one have to know? I'm currently studying Perl. Long way before I can create something other than UDP floods.

Welcome to our Site, enjoy your stay and have fun.
You can look around in our Tutorial section, its a good way to start modding and to understand how it works.
The scripts are written in a mix between c and c++
Welcome, have fun on our site.
GSC is the mix of C and C++
And welcome to itsmods!
[Image: wyipjqo9qon7rc2v1lo.jpg]
Welcome to Itsmods!
Thank you all! I guess I'll have to pick up on my C++ reading than.
Big Grin

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