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4 bolt action snipers?

I guess you might not be able to touch weapons stats e.g damage, damage multipliers or recoil at this time......

However, if it was possible, whether now, or when the mod-tools come out how about bringing more variety with the Sniper rifles by making them all act like bolt-actions???

I guess you would have to mod the 5 main followings:

- Rate of fire in RPM: three types = 50RPM, 60RPM & 70RPM it's the usual ROF for bolt action Snipers in COD series

- Additional Damage multipliers to ensure more 1hit kills:
1.5 for stomach, 1.5 for upper arm area (biceps+shoulders), 1.5 for neck & 1.5 for head of course

- Recoil/Kick value: Make their kick direction values & center speed (recoil recovery) very similar to each other. Default bolt action snipers have high kick & slow recoil recovery where the semi-automatic have low kick & fast recoil recovery. This means that in order for the semi-automatic snipers to act like bolt-actions you'd have to increase the recoil kick values of semi automatic snipers to match with the bolt-action snipers.
The recoil values of bolt action sniper rifles by default are from 50 to 70 for the side to side kick values and 80-100 for upwards kick. Those side to side & upwards kick values are the percentage of probability and power of the kick in those directions. The higher value the higher the kick of that weapon in that direction will be.

So I'd say give some snipers side kick values of 50, some 60 and some 70.
With the upwards kick value give some 80, some 90 and some 100.

-Recoil/kick Recovery or Center speed:
The second part of recoil consists of center speed or also known as recoil/kick recovery. Semi automatic snipers have high kick recovery & lower recoil than bolt actions. As you are scoped in and when firing constantly your scope doesn't jump that much due to those reasons. Which allows players to spam across the map with pin-point accuracy like a douche. The center speed or kick/recoil recovery values for a default bolt action sniper rifle is either 500 or 600 in COD.

Scope out:
This is very important!; after each shot make the scope go out and then back in for all the snipers.
That being once you're scoped in, you take a shot, the scope comes out automatically and once the kick has settled the scope comes back in (automatically ofc) and your able to shoot again.

We all know there's only the L96 which is bolt-action and has a RateOfFire 60 and is able to get frequent 1 shot kills. How about making the rest of the snipers bolt-action like too? By reducing their Rate of Fire to 50, 60 or 70 RPM giving them more damage body multipliers and get their scope to act like the bolt action one. This would allow us to maintain more weapon variety use in this cmmod. L96 will give you 1shot kill even if hit in the upper arm and the stomach area because it has the 1.5 damage multiplier on there which is nice as there won't be many hitmarkers. L96 is sadly the only sniper rifle with such traits. If you could edit the snipers to behave like bolt-actions then we would see more than just 1 sniper rifle in action. I'd say that could be interesting. Make sure they're all very similar on average with little differences in stats & their behaviour so that all of them would be nice to use, powerful and act like bolt actions.
More variety people, more variety.

wait more feedback from 'the community" instead change things like that.
(12-05-2010, 13:07)syfer016 Wrote: wait more feedback from 'the community" instead change things like that.

for sure it's not good to rush things. I've just suggested this idea to get people thinking about it and if they like this idea make it work. you know
It IS possible to change weaponstats at this moment!

So feel free to suggest any changes. (It's even possible to make an AK74u headshot do less damage but a bullet in his right elbow is instakill, not that this would be a good tweak, just saying that it's possible)

Also many people think that we are restricted by DVars, this is NOT true, this is a real mod and not some random custom set of DVars.
Good, Well I don't think that Having a multiplier of 3.0 for a Headshot like in COD2 would be a good idea for example. As this would be a 1hit to the head kill which would bring more ''spraying for head'' nature of play.

The challenge to kill people by 3/4 bullets min or 2 bullets to the head is just fine to challenge everyone and reward skilled players with good aim.

Another question.

Is it possible to change the ROF (rate of fire) , Recoil/kick and kick recovery (center speed) && scope out of sniper rifles as mentioned in the suggestion?
- In order to make the all the sniper rifles act like bolt action snipers Smile

If you think you can try inserting that idea in your Beta for like a week or two, please let me know and I will give you more details on the topic of snipers. Thanks and keep up the good work people!


Changing weapon damage is easy. With a mod.
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
(12-05-2010, 14:42)4FunPlayin Wrote: Changing weapon damage is easy. With a mod.

That's nice to hear. Now I wish someone could take my idea explained above into consideration and try it in the beta for few weeks, tweak it out and see once it's working perfectly if it was worthy and if so it could stay that way. I'm just aiming for more variety that will boost the fun effect in playing this game. More bolt action snipers yay! Smile
will be awesome if the modder add the intervention , r700 and m40a3 on it maybe one more ww2 sniper like mosin nagan scoped will be awesome too.
(12-05-2010, 22:51)execute5150 Wrote: will be awesome if the modder add the intervention , r700 and m40a3 on it maybe one more ww2 sniper like mosin nagan scoped will be awesome too.

dude if that was possible/done to this cmMod that would be insanely goood Big Grin

But if not we could still have 4 bolt action rifles if we change the stats of the ones already in the game like I've suggested in the description at the top

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