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I found a page, someone who calls radioactiveace

and I think this show is fake

[Image: 5Yg6CNZ.jpg]
Real shit.....
If it's possible with mw2 and mw3: it is possible with bo2 too. But the image could be a photoshop joke, you can only find out when you actually see more footage or use it yourself.
console is fake, ( Real one has "Counter new" font and another color ).
(05-31-2013, 18:09)SailorMoon Wrote: [ -> ]console is fake, ( Real one has "Counter new" font and another color ).

If you can make a alternative system, you can change the font. Altough I agree that it looks a bit photoshop'ish. I am not going to judge till we see some gameplay.
Seems legit for me
Well, one thing is clear: RAA is a good photoshop editor, not joking. So yeah, that's completely fake...

(05-31-2013, 18:09)SailorMoon Wrote: [ -> ]console is fake, ( Real one has "Counter new" font and another color ).
Yep, but it's possible to change it. Btw that console is completely fake in my opinion...
First off, the "console" you see, is not a fake, but in-fact the whole server is a custom made program that launches a modified t6mp.exe (Edited to loop after start up, it runs silently, just used to hook onto functions)

My custom server hooks onto basic functions, pretty much almost everything that's needed to host a server is already included in the game. (Still needs major stuff like spoofing a "master server", I have to covered as well now (Just blank values))

Now this is just a server hoster, made for my AceOpsT6 Client.
I also have to run a "master server" to fill in the blanks that the mp client checks (also done with the help of a t6mp client)
(I have this running on a laptop, because running 3 t6 clients and a server uses a bit of memory)

I had a video showing me hosting a server and then connecting to it with my t6 client, but sadly activision has claimed all my videos. (I'll upload them somewhere else from now on)

Now the first thing people do say is "its a fake" now that's the people that don't know about my project, the t6 client started as a crack over 6 months ago, I worked on it for about a month or two and then I couldn't continue due to personal reasons, however I came back last month and I've been working on this project ever since.

I'm no longer working alone but that doesn't change much, the progress is still slow, but its more than I've seen anyone else do.
Also there's a few cool things I have coming out this month / early next month.

I hope this corrects your thoughts about me.

Edit: - more info about the project -

Now, for those who have seen my videos and images of the AceOpsT6 Client will notice a change in the menu art right away, now thanks to a few functions and a nice command called "execlua".

As you may know, the game uses lua and menu's are one of those things that use lua.

Now I'm not going to give away my methods, but my menu's are simply made using custom lua files and as you may know, lua files are found inside the .ff files.

Long story short, I found a way to execute custom lua code which can be used to alter menu's and a lot of other cool stuff.
(However its not a walk in the park, its a mess to work with and the lua files are stored external, so anyone could edit my t6 menu's easily...etc)

Now my server program, its a custom made program that hooks onto a t6 client.
Now I have this server, a main server and a master server.

This T6 Server is made to host lobbies, its a server, example, 24/7 Nuketown... blah blah.

This T6 Server connects to the main server, now the main server is used to handle server lists, so you can have multiple people that host a T6 Server that is connected to your main server, the aceops t6 client gets the server info. (thanks to lua files, I can put the results and make an array list of servers from a main server)

Thanks to this main server there can be communities that have their own servers.

now theres a aceops_config.cfg file, in there you set the IP address for the main server, when you launch the aceopst6 client, it uses the ip and fetches the serverlist from the main server.

Now backing up a bit, I mentioned a master server, now this has not much to do with server hosting but its more about spoofing values and making them blank.

Now the reason you can't play offline even if you get to load a map is because of, well theres a few reasons, the ffotd version and file.

When you connect to the real master servers that bo2 has, it checks if your banned, if you own the game and all the steam checks...etc, if everything checks out nicely, it will download a ffotd file (ffotd_tu#_mp_###.ff)
the "tu#" stands for the current update version, example "tu10"
and the _### at the end is the ff version, example _147

Now in this ff file you will find a couple of cfg files (pretty useless)
the "_globallogic.gsc" file.

Now this file is the important one, the "_globallogic.gsc" file is missing from the patch_mp.ff, this way they can prevent banned people (and pirates) from playing the game offline (and online of course)

in the patch_mp theres a bunch of gsc files with the "_globallogic_" prefix, so all these files need that "_globallogic.gsc" base file to work.

Like I said before, I'm working with someone else and they are figuring that part out. (One method is to inject the _globallogic.gsc into the file structure)
(There's more to that than that.)

Now just to prove that I'm RAA, heres a screen shot of my server program as well as the AceOpsT6 Client.

[Image: d8p1rCp.png]

Now also just to explain another thing, the (0) is supposed to display the host ip, point server isn't exactly working yet.

The server also runs everything through lua which was the only way to access some functions, so right now I just kinda have to wing it, trial and error I guess.

There hasn't been much progress lately tho, theres some bugs which have stopped me in my track.
They are currently being dealt with by the other member of my group.

Well that's all I have to say for now, but please feel free to ask me any question, I'm happy to answer. (I wouldn't mind having a bigger community btw.. ahem.)

Looks cool, good luck finishing it. Any ETA?
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