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<DISCLAIMER: I do not care about thread contents, but the mainpost (what you are reading now) is serious>

Inb4 the main message I would like to thank @SirGravzy for a nice laugh today (gl hf @xfx ) and since d0h already told you the truth, I decided to do so as well.

So yeah, as you've probably noticed I haven't been anyhow active except for spamming for a long period of time already. I have been immature, I have been irritating, I admit it, but I am not d0h and I am not really sorry for that, I just want to explain why.

<le storey of gman>
Once upon a time there was a normal teenager playing COD BO when suddenly he loaded into a modded server with azu's rtd (yes, it was my first mod I ever saw, you probably did not know but I respect you most of all modders @AZUMIKKEL ). So I just wanted to know more about it and how to make my own server with mods and my curiosity brought me here.

Here I got really inspired by you guys, I tried to LEARN, not leech, from your codes, and to be honest, I've learned a lot, because before that I knew absolutely nothing to programming. So thanks everyone for that. I've also made few friends here, which is cool. Some of them appeared to be not so cool (@xfx), some of them even more cool than I though (@Rendflex) but anyways ItsMods was (and still is) a place where I used to come nearly everyday just to see how it's going here.

Later on I realised that I do not have much time and knowledge to do proper mods on my own so I slowed down and switched to software programming and learnt VB.NET (yes, it sucks, but still it is a modern functional language). And while doing it I realised that I do not really have much use here. So I started to visit spam section more and more and there was one point where I literally forgot about modding part and just came here.

After spending shitloads of time learning new stuff and spamming around I realised that I can actually be useful and wanted to switch back to other sections and post my stuff there as well. But I really could not because of my reputation on our community that I got by spamming. My posts were not really considered serious by 90% of members, they were extremely frequently derailed.

Because of that I decided to make a new account and kind of start from tabula rasa (sorry Nova, but it appears that everyone here has double acc or hacked somebody else, so why can't I have one extra?). I decided to post only messages that have point and could be useful to somebody and also I decided to never post any spam from that account. That actually worked, I got more or less nice reputation, far from @JariZ or whoever, but still better than @"G-Man". If you are observative enough you can guess what acc it is.

But that did not work for a long time, after few weeks I returned back to G-Man and continued just checking spam sections and sometimes visting other ones because I realised - there is literally nothing to do on this website. I should've been serious and hardworking when website was popular and threads were getting hundreds of views a day. But now it is too late. I honestly cannot even imagine what is the future of ItsMods because right now it is on its road to nowhere.
@SuperNovaA0 I greatly respect you as a person and a tech-guy, but I do not quite understand you as a moderator/admin, it seems to be that you ignore ItsMods a lot. Maybe I am mistaken, I have never been an admin and don't want to be. But this is just how I see it.

What I am going to do is just learn new stuff and switch to another forum. Not that I am going to leave like @JariZ but just be more active on another one. Currently really interested at

Where is the tl;dr?
Summarising my stay here:
I have been here for more than 2 years.
I have met loads of people, had many laughs and many disappointments.
I have done 3 mods and 5 tools.
I have got reputation of 60 and also reputation of a childish hypocrite.
I have posted 1730 posts in normal sections and god knows how much in spam section.
I have earned more than 30'000 points but I still do not know what they are made for.
I have been posting warez, stupid & flame posts, encouraged DDoS attacks, scammed people (just a little joke, see all posts by @SuperNovaA0).
I have referred 7 members and made 2 members go away.
I have spent around 1600 hours online.
I have helped people as well as annoyed people.
I am G-Man. And it's my time to go.
<epic background music, I think Amelie soundtrack would fit>

(05-15-2013, 19:41)surtek Wrote: [ -> ]Where is the tl;dr?

I was a bitch and I know it. Itsmods ded, I go to good luck dying
Life of Gman
So what's your other account?
(05-15-2013, 21:50)Pozzuh Wrote: [ -> ]So what's your other account?

(05-16-2013, 06:07)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-15-2013, 21:50)Pozzuh Wrote: [ -> ]So what's your other account?


@SailorMoon is @SE7EN and he had been around even before I registered.
(05-15-2013, 21:50)Pozzuh Wrote: [ -> ]So what's your other account?

I tried to be useful and mature from this acc, but well, as I've already said, it failed.
(05-16-2013, 07:51)G-Man Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-16-2013, 06:07)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-15-2013, 21:50)Pozzuh Wrote: [ -> ]So what's your other account?


@SailorMoon is @SE7EN and he had been around even before I registered.

I know, that was a joke because you guys fight.
Quote:...and since d0h already told you the truth, I decided to do so as well.

wait, what?
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