Full Version: need help! :D
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hey everybody :))
i need help :P i don't knw where i have to post this theard:/ sry!
i search for a mod/trick which change the score limit in tdm.. i mean changing 7500 points to 20000 points.

and can anyone tell me something about play online with the cracked (skidrow) version?

thank you!

Don't tell that you're using cracked version, @DidUknowiPwn will blame you.

Use 'scr_<gametype>_scorelimit', maximum is 30000.
I will post file there, wait.

_rank.gsc, which makes score limit for all gametypes to 20000. ( find it end of Init() )

_rank.gsc Dumb Bitch
But also, you can edit gametype files.
For example, open tdm.gsc, then go to 12th line, you will see
maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic_utils::registerScoreLimitDvar( "tdm", 7500, 0, 50000 );

7500 ( 2nd param ) is score limit. Edit it. Every file has it.

Or just type '/scr_tdm_scorelimit 20000' to console.
Go play on Steam Smile