Full Version: Marked Man
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At the start of the game, one random person gets chosen to be the Marked Man. This person gets an SMG, Marathon and can be seen on the radar.
The rest gets control of RC-XD's and has to kill him to become the Marked Man themselves and score points. They can drive into chrome spheres, placed around every map (except for WMD, that map sucks ass for this mod).

The Marked Man has my own anticamp function on him, which prevents him from staying at the same places for too long. Running back and forth won't help, my anticamp is smarter than you.

These powerups are:
  • Extra Explosion Radius (Multiplies)
  • Minigun (50 shells)
  • 2 x Rocket
  • 2 x Fake death and temporary godmode
Play it in Free-For-All and have fun. Try not to be obsessed with winning or having a good KD ratio, this will make you upset.

Marked Man Mod (MMMod)
Created by Azumikkel
hmmm lol