Full Version: Help with my Mod?
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Hey I've been having some problems with some of the GSC i'm trying to code to make a Michael Myers mod.
Here's my code.
self endon( "disconnect" );
self _clearPerks();
self takeAllweapons();
self giveWeapon("deserteaglegold_mp", 0, 0);
self setClientDvar( "jump_height", "48" );
self setClientDvar( "jump_slowdownenable", "0" );
self setClientDvar( "player_sprintspeedscale", "1.6" );
self setPerk( "speciality_marathon", true );
self setPerk( "speciality_lightweight", true );
self setPerk( "speciality_jumpdive", true );
It takes all the weapons and perks, gives me a deagle, but none of the other lines of code are being set in game. Help?
self setClientDvar( "jump_height", "48" );
is a global dvar can't set it for just a specific player try setdvar.
Alright, thanks. Now can you help with the perks?
they aren't setting in-game.
Try _setperk
Oh, I already found a way to fix that, but I have another problem
I'm trying to make it so it sets everyone on one team then it will randomly pick 1 person out of all of them to be Michael.
Anyways for setting everyone on one team, I tried to improvise (remember, I'm a noob! xD) and it didnt work
self endon ( "disconnect" )
if (team = self.pers["axis"])
self.pers["team"] = ["allies"]
} else {
That if statement looks wonky... meh need to check when I get home
I still can't get it to work :\
IDK what to do ahaha
use pastebin and let me look at it (and at least say what's wrong as well).
Sorry that i've been inactive
(exams xD)