Full Version: How to play all Dlc for free
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Well first you need find out dedi server that run all new maps, second google search and almost 1 legit dlc.
Open Mw3 use CE and make first scan, after this click on "disable dlc content" make new scan for difference and do what is needing, now open google and search for other dlc, put iw file and zone file in the rigth directory and play (no fun for cheters but...).
There's no steam aut. needed on dedi, even in iw5sp is possible play all dlc w/out to be host now.
No more steam refuse...
Well i hope to get mw3 alive with new dlc before next cod.....
Big Grin great tutorial, but -"Open Mw3 use CE and make first scan" what is CE , program ? from where I can download ? more info please.
CE = Cheat Engine I think Wink
Just google Cheat Engine and than you can download it