Full Version: Zombie Dogs Mod [BETA/Unfinished]
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You may remember reading or coming across this mod around 2 years ago when I first joined ItsMods. Well I present to you, the actual source/GSCs for it. I had lost the files for this almost a year ago after I formatted one of my hard drives but after browsing through my MediaFire account, I found it just lying there. Note that this was made long before mod tools came out.

Here's a video if you've forgotten:

Also an "update" video I made later:

Go crazy, the code is extremely messy and looking at it now makes me want to puke, this was back before I got into programming. It has been left untouched since December 2010 (well I modified 1 line just for the sake of it today). I don't even know if it loads anymore on Black Ops.

The level handling (and initial money value at onPlayerSpawned) is in _rank.gsc, the pack-a-punch, machines and wall weapons can be found in _serverfaceanim_mp.gsc. Vision FX and HUD elems can be found in _healthoverlay.gsc. Damage overrides, max ammo, insta-kill and "kaboom" are in _callbacksetup.gsc.
nice one master, thanks for releasing
(08-17-2012, 11:24)d0h! Wrote: [ -> ]nice one master, thanks for releasing

No problem, also, just fired up Black Ops for the first time in nearly a year and the mod works fine, just make sure to rename it with "mp_" at the start when placing in the mods folder. Also, I realised I left some origin/angle code left, open _rank.gsc and remove these lines:
/** For testing sounds and getting positions only, will be removed in final release **/

/*self.sounds = [];
self.sounds[0] = "mus_suspense_01";
self.sounds[1] = "mus_suspense_02";
self.sounds[2] = "mus_suspense_03";
self.sounds[3] = "mus_suspense_04";
self.sounds[4] = "mus_suspense_05";
self.sounds[5] = "mus_suspense_06";
self.sounds[6] = "mus_suspense_01";

currentSound = -1;*/

self endon("death");
self endon("disconnect");
while(1) {
    if(self UseButtonPressed()) {
        self playLocalSound(self.sounds[currentSound]);
        self iPrintLn(self.sounds[currentSound]);
        if(currentSound == self.sounds.size) {
            currentSound = -1;
        self.originPos setText("^1Origin: ^7" + self.origin);
        self.anglePos setText("^2Angle: ^7" + self.angles[1]);
    wait 0.1;
Wow, you released it after one year (preview) Big Grin
Nice mod
Cool, but kinda late :S
I thought someone bumped the old thread o.O Good job!
Well done for pre-modtools.
Thanks for releasing