Full Version: Looking for someone to hire to make bots skins
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Im wondering if its possible, and or if someone would be for hire to re-skin the bots in our custom bots mod.
Our server name and mod theme is MauiDeath, so im wondering if it would be possible to put the bots in flowery Aloha shirts. Either just one style, or several styles.

also wondering if anyone knows how to get the bots names changed so I can add specific names to a few bots?

Also looking for someone that wants to do some custom gun skins for our team.

If interested in doing some or all of these send me an IM or email me at support[at]

its just character texture, not bots
Ok then custom character texture's. Hence why im wanting to hire someone. I dont know the stuff, just want to play it.
well if you edit the character load outs, the whole game will change, not only if you play against bots.
crayon, tried to send you a reply but it says your message box is full.
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