Full Version: Perks
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i dont know why but it show me a bad syntax error on this code
self setperk("specialty_unlimitedsprint");
i dont understand what on this code is wrong... :/
self _setperk("specialty_unlimitedsprint"); (with '_')
Is 'setperk' even exist in bo lol...
hm... i did
but its a unknow function... Sad
oh have you includes then?
#include blabla
no, i dont know how to include perks...
There seems to be nothing wrong with it.
Sometimes the syntax error is actually above the code that it indicates. Could you give me the code that is above that line?
above the line is nothing just the this

self giveWeapon("mpl_mp");
self giveWeapon("asp_mp");
self giveWeapon("mosin_sp");

self _setPerk("perk here");
and yes i tried this code too
self setPerk("perk here");