Full Version: Virus Scanner Problems
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This .. summer my pretty new computer already crashed once by a trojan,
I just found out I have no up 2 date viruscanners on my computer so I'd like to get an advise for a

-Fast & Easy

usefull virusscanner/remover.

I remember SURTEK once gave me one ..

Thanks <3
Microsoft Security Essentials is def all you need.
And to avoid beeing infected by a trojan/keylogger or any other shit use a sandbox or VM
tnx going to install them all Big Grin
I have the same one like d0h, I'm using it like for some months now, and no trojan or wathever got in my pc.
Yeh I remember that that was the thing you rommended me back in the day

just removed 1 backdoor Big Grin
tnx for the quickresponses guys =)