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The fact that you chose not to buy it doesn't mean EA has the right to troll you for not having it.
Every advantage on battlelog that a premium player might have will be deleted with this plugin.
Which includes:
  • Huge ass 'premium' ad on assignments page
  • Ad on dogtags page
  • No more premium dogtags
  • Premium profiles resetted back to normal profiles
  • Premium server browser setting removed
  • Premium server badge removed
  • Premium sidebar removed on homepage
  • Premium button removed from navbar

  • Pure CSS
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • No more premium bullshit

[Image: znidh.png]

[Image: UDklv.png]


1.1 - Added several more selectors, Added compatibility with other browsers
1.0 - Initial release
Thanks for posting.

Please don't make a flameware out of this. If you don't like this, don't use it.

Don't blame DICE or EA for anything and if you have the urge to do so, please read the Wikipedia page (or a real Encyclopedia's page) about Capitalism!

If you do not agree with this, please read more into this subject and just compare captalism with other economic forms like communism. If you still don't agree with this, ellaborate based on your arguments which are based on any accepted form of economic way of living.

And again: I do NOT want a flamewar here. Violators will be punished.

PS: Think about how you earn your money/will earn your money in several years and how you would act on your own. It's always easy to blame the big company, but in this time of economic crisis and more and easier ways to commit to piracy (which I personally think is bad (for products that are actually developped by people I respect)) you still should think about the actual people who want to live.

Personal opinion: DICE worked years on Battlefield 3. It was not possible to pay them to progress (experience in the game or weapon unlocks) faster (to rule out the argument "look at VALVe with TF2"; they offered stuff for money which gave VALVe the opportunity to develop the game) or give them any money whatsoever. A designer costs at least $150 an hour. Designing a map or even a weapon takes a long time. More than the average person on spends on designing something. And yes, I think this is a completely fair price. It takes skill and lots of insight to do a job like this. Also lots of designers and programmers work on an update like this. These people have families that need to live as well. Releasing Battlefield 4 is not an option in this case since nobody would buy it because Battlefield 3 is "new" and EA won't see a reason to release a sequel to this game which has so much potential. So see it as a "Half-Life 2: Episode X" (to go back to VALVe again) and understand that people have to live of your enjoyment and getting this for free or complaining about it won't do anyone good.

Disclaimer: I do not work for any "big gaming company" and this is unrelated to the Call of Duty franchise (in that case the "survival" element of the company is a bit different because I think the DLC-party they have going on for this is hosted by Activision and not by Infinity Ward/Treyarch) and this is all my personal opinion as a software developer who has to struggle with piracy and hate from people agains capitalism/people working for a reward.)

So if you don't like this, ellaborate clearly on why you think this or start to work for free for me/other developers/other jobs because you apparently think software developing takes zero skill and time.

And @JariZ: the reason crx files are not allowed here is because most files should be blacklisted and we therefore utilize a whitelist and only some known non-problematic filetypes are allowed in there. A .crx could potentially harm a user and is therefore not whitelisted. Zipping it would work because then the user can't accidently click on it and install a plugin that messes with your connection settings potentially re-routing your online-banking website to some phsihing site.
I understand that there was a lot of work in it, and I've always respected DICE, but they don't have to remind me of not paying for additional content every time I'm using the site of a game that I already bought.
About the crx part: it states it only has access to battle log and the plugin itself is pure CSS, so there's no way I could redirect it anyway. But I understand why it's blocked
v1.1 released
1.1 - Added several more selectors, Added compatibility with other browsers

edit: Does anyone have 2 bucks on paypal to help me pay for the chrome developer verification?

reddit! upveot!
You don't have $2 yourself? Well, now I understand why you hate Premium so much.

From reddit: "I fell for it, 20€ for all expansions was a great deal."

EUR 20? Where because that isn't even overpriced for 5 DLC's...
The Brazilian origin store sold it for 20$ by mistake, you could use a proxy. But it's fixed now.
@AZUMIKKEL is mad. It costs $67 in Denmark Big Grin

"Only" $62.50 in the Netherlands.
~55 $ in Poland
Not on my paypal, it's not connected to my bank account or whatever
besides; I recently spend it all, no reason to call me poor or anything lol
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