Full Version: MW3 Level And Stats Hack v1.7.413
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Level Hack
Prestige Hack
Tokens Hack
15 Classes Hack
Double XP Time
Weapon Double XP Time
Stats Hack
All Perks Pro
All Weapons Pro
All Challenges
All Accolades on 255
Flash/Concussion Resistance(You don't Get Blind)
LeaderBoard Playtime Editor
Barracks Playtime Editor

How to Use It:
Open the Game and the trainer, go to the Barracks and use it from there...

For the Stats Hack(Score, Wins, kills...):
Put the value you want on the text box and click the button. Play one game to view and save the changes.

For the Level Hacks(Prestige, level, classes...):
Pretty much the same as the stats...

For the Other Stuff(Perks Pro, Weapons Pro...):
Just click on the button and play one game.

Virus Scan 1

Virus Scan 2


General Shephard (from for creating it.
@Jorndel , for the awesome tutorial and the addresses;
@NightmareTX , for the No Flash code;

Enjoy ^^
Cool man
(05-12-2012, 10:33)kokole Wrote: [ -> ]Cool man

Thanks Smile
Can you upload it to totalvirus etc, pls?
(05-12-2012, 10:52)kingalca Wrote: [ -> ]Can you upload it to totalvirus etc, pls?

Detection ratio: 3 / 42

u mad bro Troll
good that someone posted for new version nice one
(05-12-2012, 12:11)kingalca Wrote: [ -> ]Detection ratio: 3 / 42

u mad bro Troll

ever heard of false/positive?

Dumb Bitch
(05-12-2012, 12:11)kingalca Wrote: [ -> ]Detection ratio: 3 / 42

u mad bro Troll

This is bullshit. I have detections too even if I scan absolutely safe app made by me just few minutes before. F-P.
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