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[Image: zombiemw3.jpg]


Hey guys, i made simple mod which is called xZombie Mod

What's that?
Just my epicness mod for Modern Warfare 3. This is heavy modded infection gametype..

Gametype info maybe? Something else?
On spawn zombie will get zombie claws ( ofcourse usp.45 tactical without ammo Dumb Bitch ). Survivors will have Model 1887 and USP.45 on spawn. They're can buy new weapons by earning points by killing zombies!
Added awards as perks, weapons. If you will get 30 kills you will get Walking AC130 award!
Custom point system
Epic thanks to @JariZ for explaining me "Hashtable" thing.. Now i can do custom things like points. Lost your all points?? Don't worry! Your points saves after map changing!!
This is fixed shop version, you will really lost your points now. Added new things as: health for zombies (+50). Modificable costs.
Every 20-60 seconds it will print you most player on server. ( Kills/deaths ).
Added Multi-Kill function.
!shop - Opens shop
!mypoints - Your points
!tut - Some help
!z_info - Shows information
!credits - Credits
!ammo - Buy ammo

Effects, HUD
New aftermath vision have added. Added some brightness to make that all dark.
Added some HUD design. Help, information, spam... etc
Edited scoreboard. Renamed teams.

Added update checking system..

To be added:
Laser Sights - yea, i almost made it. I need to edit/configure some dvars
Add more items in teh shop
Add more hud
Add key pressing functions ( i hope @zxx0o0 will make it )
Add more statistics
And more.....

No bugs Dumb Bitch

@jaydi - Creator
mrkiller007(nl), Slash, [Z00MBY] Alex, and others - Thanks for testing!
@JariZ - the biggest help ( also said about "Hashtable" thing )

Coming soon...


Added killing sprees
Added more spam
Added special points
Added special ability for survivors ( !sa to activate, you need 2-5 special points )
Added more effects
Added Awards
Added claymore to the shop
Fixed 0 hp bug

V4 - added some optimizations
V4.1 - Added stats thing ( type stats in console to see )
- Fixed weapon 
-V4.2 - Added last man functions
-Added more stats
-Added firestorm killstreak
- Fixed weapon spawn
- Changed team color NAMES
- And much more

[Image: 314BB328231D121C87E15A5EF429DFAF6401F095]
[Image: 53F92307A568E4497D73758C792031AD472357D3]
[Image: E4FA930A575E5B82595D1A82BE1C37DCD97DA21C]
[Image: 10B1A3A123737818F94C65D3754F3AE6F227AE10]
"This is mod!" - said @JariZ
so idc
"This is just like new game" - sometimes @JariZ will say.
@JayDi will start selling it in shops........
Cut the mod/plugin crap already!
If the owner says it's a mod, then it's a mod.
More bullshit and i'm gonna give warnings...
Lol when I made "MOD" you raged so much, bitching around and saying "this is not mod". WTF, that was the creator's decision. Now you are saying that I should fuck off and just get it as the owner says. Just on the contrary. And what for are you going to give warnings? Spam? This is not spam, this is my personal opinion, which is technically TRUE. The thing you are moderator doesn't mean you can do anything.
@G-man , anyways.. words like "Zombie Plugin" looks like gay
I know, and I have nothing against you.
Though I have something against @JariZ who thinks that if I call my release a mod it is "looool noob thats not a mod, it doesnt use GSC etc etc nom nom" and if you call it a mod he says "everything is okay, its the creators decision". Thats what I just cannot understand.
OMG, dont you have just a bit of imagination? Your mod name is copied again from some other........ Angry
Also, I don't like how he threats me with warnings.
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