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Flyable Helicopter v2 by MetPL
Thankyou for downloading this mod. Please keep credits.

Please report any bugs, new idea's and if you want: piece of code.

- MetPL for his awesome mod.
- Nukem for the missile shooting.
- GoldenKnife for his idea's, full concept and testing.
- GoldenDeagle, for his help for v1.
- Badger - testing
- NoobKiller - testing and for that he ate ham

- The mod is more and more stable than before, the lag is gone and all bugs are fixed.
- There was a bug that if someone leaves the game, game is gonna lag for 5+ seconds. This is fixed now.
- In v1 you got stuck in passenger seat this is fixed. Just press f/r key and then melee key.
- In v1 there was only 1 heli avaible you can now use more.
- The driving is better and reacts faster.
- HP hud added.
- Heli's are easier to kill now.
- People kept asking how to drive, so there is now instructions on the bottom.
- Missile shooting added.
- Removed useless code that caused lagging with just 1 heli, now you can have 6 with no lag.
- Changed turret angles to make shooting easier.
- Smoke when heli has low hp
- Many more, play and discover!

Bugs known:
- It may not work correctly on some maps.
- If there are 6 helis spawned and players will start calling more than 2 killstreaks it will crash game cuz of vehicles limit

Just wondering, is it possible to do this with other choppers?
you can post the mod if you like
(01-01-2011, 22:46)d0h! Wrote: [ -> ]you can post the mod if you like

I would, if they had released it. I captured this video while they were testing.
Not exactly what I meant but still it looks nice.
i like more the controls of NoFaTe Heli :/
how do you start the mod?
(02-20-2012, 00:56)richardjin1998 Wrote: [ -> ]how do you start the mod? download this, read the info and download this mod. If you have any questions after that, please feel free to ask.