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About 5-10 minutes into any game I play (not just black ops lol), I experience noticeable input lag for 10-20 seconds (Mouse, Keyboard). Ill drop down to 1-5 FPS and everything gets laggy. My CPU load will drop to something like 15% or lower and that kinda sucks. I havent installed anything recently, and it happens randomly, like there's nothing that changes in the game that starts this.

Win7 x64

I doubt that it would be any background programs cause it wasnt happening 3-4 days ago, but ill try disabling my AV.

Its an Asus G50vt-x5

-Intel Core Duo P7450 2.13ghz 3mb l2 cache
-4gb ddr2 800mhz
-320gb 7200rpm SATAIII HD
-NVidia GeForce 9800m GS 512mb dedicated gddr3