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Hey guys i would like to know ure opinion about the pc i am interresting in. And Pls tell me if this pc miss something .or give me ure recommendation to buy part for part and build it myself.
Here is link to the pc just read specs
Webhallen är awesome <3
Yeah Smile
system is okay

try to get the p8z68-v GEN3, then you have 22nm support either (upcoming cpus, end of the year) and pci express 3.0
Okey i will change thath . Then one think, this pc doesnt comes with a wireless card ( thath card tp have wireless internet or what it calls)
a wireless stick or card costs 20-40€ in any store
Oh okey thanks for ure help just one more think.
Do u think the price for that pc is rasonable ? Or could i get a better pc by buying the pieces sepparatly and make the pc for the same price?
That price is about 1000 euros
its about 11xx€ and yes it would be cheaper if you would buy the items separately.
dont know if you guys got price search sites to get the cheapest price for every product.
1100€ is a bit too much for that i think. try getting the parts on ebay or so.
but fml, just listen to d0h!. hes the genius lol. Awesome
Thx 4 ure help guys i will buy pieces separatly
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