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Hello ItsMods, as you're aware, I am new to your site and like to introduce myself, My name is Clarence, and I live in North Eastern New York up on the Canada border about 45 minutes from Montreal, Quebec.

I love playing all sorts of games such as all the COD series have let to get BF3 to try out.

All my online gaming I play are done through the PC only even though I do own a XBOX360, Sony PS3 and a Nintendo Wii...

I am not much of a modder but like what You-all do on making games more fun and hope to maybe at some point in time learn to become one.

Well, that about it will see you in the game, so we can all have some fun together...

sounds good, welcome to our little community, hope you enjoy your stay
Welcome :p
Hi Smile

If you are interested in modding, everyone can learn it.
welcome Wink
(11-18-2011, 16:52)Lemon Wrote: [ -> ]

Thank You all for the Quick Reply,and Thanks for the DarthVader Video..
Welcome aboard!
Are you rich?

(11-18-2011, 17:05)Rendflex Wrote: [ -> ]WAIT WAT?
[Image: 7106e949.png]

He's the OP, smart person.
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