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Full Version: Randomizer Mod v3.0 (June 9, 2012 Update)
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Hello Again This Is My Own Version Of Randomizer Mod It Was Based On @SrK Randomizer Mod But Different.

  • Random Perks
  • Random Weapons W/Camos & Attachments
  • Random Lethal / Tactical Grenades
  • Random Equipment
  • Random Facepaint
  • Random View Models / Body Models
  • Random Killstreaks

Features To Be Added:
  • A Function That Gives You The Current Primary Weapon With 2 Random Attachments Via Warlord Perk
  • Pro Perks Dumb Bitch

  • View Models Doesn't Match The Body Models
  • Sometimes You Don't Spawn With A Primary Weapon

PHP Code:


Added Random Perks
Added Random Attachments For The Weapons
Added Info Texts On Screen
Added 'RDMR' Gametype via Randomizer
Added Text To Show What Perks You Have Equipped
Added Dedicated Server Support
Fixed Tactical Insertion Bug
Fixed A Few Functions 

While Hosting A Private Match People Can Join!!

Me ( Coding )
ItsMods ( Tutorials )
OMA should be included. Nice work on mod, Superman
very nice mod Tongue good job (Nice friend- good modder)
hey nice one,but can u do the same mod but with weapons attachments please.
(06-09-2012 23:34)The Clay Man Wrote: [ -> ]UPDATE!

Nice OMA
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