Full Version: Minecraft lagging
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My system can run all the newest games but when I run minecraft I got lag problems (when I start moving it feezes for 1 sec sometimes)
When I minimize it for a few mins it ALWAYS gives a 'out of memory error' (while I got 6 gb of memory?!)
Also it uses alot of ram, ALOT.
It's really annoying because I really like the game
HD texture packs?
When I have low battery performance settings applied, its impossible to play, lags as hell. I have to switch to high performance (laptop)
Note : I use high performance to play BO, and other games that eat many RAM and processor, the meme above describes that the best

Also, sometimes crashes with error Couldnt find screen driver something (mix of letters and numbers)
allocate more ram to java. Also make sure to run in fullscreen mode (press f11)
My MC lags too. Not sure if RAM or just graphic card.
it doesnt matter how shitty the graphics look like, its the massive amount of boxes
meh, it shouldn't be that much of a problem, I already solved it,
For the people that wanna know how:
Download 64 bit java (its a link)
java gets updated automatically..
also get more ram, very cheap at the moment

edit// only when you got the service running

1. I got enough RAM
2. Like the link says '64 Bit java'
a 32 bit java isn't gonna update to 64 bit
it never lagged for me when i tested the trial give away from humble
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