Full Version: COD black ops
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Hi all. Yes I am new here. Looks like a rockin site, Well will be soon.
Anyways I am trying to get COD black ops to work, I mean, Just the bots not online. I have the skidrow version. So I just tried the Version 8 that is on youtube. I got the game to get to the multiplayer screen. But when I hit ALT F10 it tries to log on to real servers, Which it doesn't seem to find?? What is the real way to do this guys?? Please help as I need to brush up on my Multiplayer skills before MW3 drops along with BF3:} Can't wait.
So who is gonna help me out?
Itsmods doesn't support cracked versions. I do but they don't, sorry dude.
indeed, you need to buy the game
Buying Bo aint worth it.
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