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ItsMoreWager adds 3 new wager match gametypes to black ops.
-Nemesis: You have one arch nemesis and you have to kill him, if you don't your kills won't count. But be aware, other people can still kill you.
-Steal: One team got their weapons stolen, when you knife you can steal the weapon back!
-Bagman: In this gametype you have to carry the bag around and protect it. You need to hold it for 2 minutes to win the game.

Screenshots / footage:
[Image: A30A01CDD8B102C2D5A2C491CEB764AEDE060446]
[Image: CB434DEE31D5D8ED2BD25FFE46C30EF6A45304A7]
[Image: 834E206ABE7DD1C6D4974118C7D1EC09EEEA4E9F]
[Image: E43DED2C10C5393C064BCCC4F267CC5F59FB063C]
[Image: 59548EF0E0032DAB7DA7909738AD6A39638A3E5F]
@AZUMIKKEL'S MW2 version vid:

[Image: 2845AFCB950A1118BB2B7260F93D9F996C0E6FBF]
Vid by @OrangePL

Note: It's hard to see what the actual steel gametype is because the bots don't know what to do! If you test it, test it versus other people.

<None yet, report them!>

v0.1 BETA:
- initial release

@Pozzuh - Made the mod
@AZUMIKKEL - Bagman idea

This mod will be open source when all the bugs are fixed in the full version.

Scripts18 and se7en from my mod. You ket your promise btw about the release time. Wink
@G-Man nemesis idea. wait for quotation...
(09-19-2011, 18:54)Lemon Wrote: [ -> ]Scripts18 and se7en from my mod. You ket your promise btw about the release time. Wink

Lol, I made the nemesis thing before your mod and the se7en idea I thought off myself (I posted the idea in your thread Tongue )

(06-13-2011, 20:25)G-Man Wrote: [ -> ]The person with assassin roll has python fast reload and m14 red dot sight.
He has when spawned hint in center of screen for few seconds "You are assasin. Your victim is ******." He can not be killed by anyone but his victim. And can not kill anyone but his victim. it means that when someone shoots at him he has no damage/when he shoots at someone who is not his victim the player he shoots at has no damage.
Same about victim. Hint "You are a victim. Your assasin is ******." He takes no damage from anyone but his assassin and can not harm anyone but his assassin.
Old-good PVP. Victim can kill assassin too. What a surprise! Who will be killed first?
I didn't know about that.
But my gamemode is really different anyway. No weapon restriction, and you can still kill / be killed by other people then your nemesis.

I'll add you to the credits if you want..?
@pussuh f*ck.
@G-man isn't it from assassins creed
If someone on this board has an idea, it is HIS idea, and it BELONG to HIM.
meh pozzuh speakin serious (not spammin as always Troll ) the gametypes are really different. i will not be angry if you will not add me to credits. but i just mention that i suggested it a long ago. u decide whether put me to credits or not. ftw its your mod, not mine)
Bagman should hold OMA bag.
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