Full Version: fucking hell
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console fanboys can be such huge retards
i have to explain these guys everyday why you should use a PC >_>

[Image: consolesucks.png]
pc graphics are always MUCH better and cleaner
Those 10 year olds only say these things because they can't afford a good PC from their weekly allowance of 2,50$.
i'm glad people here know the facts
Those kids should stop using their parents' 7 year old DELL computers.
Even my shitty $900 laptop is better than my X360.
But Xbox and ps3 users are usually kiddies(not always)
Quote:Most gamers know that Battlefield 3 will make an appearance on the PC, PS3, and 360 this fall. What some gamers may or may not know is that Battlefield 3 online will feature up to 64 players on the PC while only 24 players on consoles. The reason for this downgrade on the console side? DICE developer, Johan Andersson, replied to a fan tweet asking if Battlefield 3 on consoles will see more than 24 players per game online by stating, “The consoles are 5-6 years old, can’t handle it. PC on the other hand can.” Zing!

Now before any fanboys start complaining, Mr. Andersson is right about one thing. Both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 were made 5-6 years ago and their hardware hasn’t changed since. The computer on the other hand seemingly receives new hardware and technology every year. It is for that reason that the PC can handle certain things better than consoles. However, Johan’s statement on consoles not being able to handle Battlefield 3‘s 24+ multiplayer is the fact that may not be true. But it doesn’t seem probable that a developer would state false things and leads me to believe him.

Explains itself.