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Today im going to setup your own server whit your Tweak's
and setting'sIdea make sure you dont have your table to close to your p3n*s
cuz this gonna get u a bonerBig Grin

let's het it started well here we go Wink:
step 1:
ask ur mom for a sandwich Heart
press ~ and start the vid
I used a video tag which I shouldn't do. I should just post the URL to the video. Now I learnt from my mistakes and I will now edit my post to fix this. *ps its clears your mind....Huh
step 3;
typ in:
/devmap "mapname here"
example :
/devmap mp_nuked

and now ur able to use all the commands Included cheats! IN the /Devmap u load! do this the same for Zombie Online

Quote:mp_nuked //nuketown
mp_array //array
mp_duga //grid
mp_cracked //cracked
mp_havoc //jungle
mp_cosmodrome //launch
mp_cairo //havana
mp_crisis //crisis
mp_radiation //radiation
mp_hanoi //hanoi
mp_villa //villa
mp_mountain //summit!!
mp_firingrange // Fireing Range
mp_russianbase //WMD

Config Codes
Quote:Shift +~ to see Full console
cg_drawFPS 1 //able to see your Frames Per Second
r_multiGPU 1 //more fps
r_blur_allowed 1//u see more blure's
/sensitiviti ** //mouse speed
/input_viewsensitivity ** //faster view

Quote:GameSetup Codes
Quote:/g_password "passhere" //so it's for friends only!
/map mp_"mapname" //changes the map
/map_restart //restart's the map.
/fast_restart //restart the game
/map_rotate mp_"mapname" //rotate's the map
/g_allowvote 1 //player able to vote
/sv_voice "0" //voice chat
/g_allowteamchange 1 //allows russian's to play together xD
Quote:scroll down to EditGameOption's
/g_gametype "gametype" //changes the gametype next map
/scr_hardcore 1 //it will be Hardcore than...
/scr_tdm_numlives "amount" //number of life's
/scr_tdm_playerrespawndelay 0 //wave spwan delay example HC TDM..
/scr_tdm_roundlimit "amount"//number of rounds
/scr_tdm_scorelimit "amount" //score limit..
/scr_tdm_timelimit "10" //timelimit of your game.

/scr_tdm_score_assist "50"
/scr_tdm_score_death "0"
/scr_tdm_score_headshot "0" //exp rate's
/scr_tdm_score_kill "100"
/scr_tdm_score_suicide "0"

/scr_sd_roundlimit "0"
/scr_sd_roundswitch "3"
/scr_sd_scorelimit "4"
/scr_sd_timelimit "2.5" //sd settings
/scr_sab_roundswitch "1"
/scr_sd_bombtimer "45"
/scr_sd_defusetime "5"
/scr_sd_multibomb "0"
Quote:yes i see you thinking crappy me i wanna play dom or Sabotage well it's easy
just change the variable of "tdm" to "dom" like :
/scr_tdm_numlives "amount"
/scr_dom_numlives "amount"

Quote:Rcon Commands
Quote:/rcon login "passHere"
/rcon kick "nameHERE" "you can add reason"example /rcon kick rowanFTBL U dush
/rcon clientkick "client number" (*typ /Rcon status
/rcon tempbanuser "nameHERE"
/rcon tempbanclient "clientNumber"
/rcon banuser "NameHERE" //premanent ban!
/rcon banclient "clientNumber" //permanent ban!
/rcon map mp_mapname //changes the map!

and now the cheats =D these can be used in singleplayer,zombie's and MP!
if u want it on mp u need to do/devmap
Quote:main cheat's
/god //you're a fkcing pro!
/give "weapon here" //example /give minigun_mp
/give all //use this in zombie =D
/sv_ranked "0" //ranked or not
/sv_vac "0" //VAC support =.=
/noclip //like ufomode ur able to fly
/g_speed "amount" //190 is normal
/give ammo
/sv_zombietime "2" //i think its the time between waves =DD more time for rapairs

zombie list CLICK HERE!!!!

some Commands are Disabled but soon will be useable again!

that was it Smile have funAngel

if u do have some problems feel free to askSleepy

feel pretty,

this is just a list i made for ppl... that want to config there game/server
or just bored... maybe something not written down or wrong..sorry for that WHINE off..!
credit's to Call Of Duty... making these game's whit Dvar's and Console Configs...
we all know Black ops wasnt what we suspected but now we all know how much we love activision!so lets hope for a better mw3! and screw teyrach

p.s thank me if u mind get to cleared Wink