Full Version: Why Yamato hates Black Ops.
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He has a total of 35784365843 reasons, @Yamato feel free to post them.
Yamato Wrote:1- Maps suck
2- No OMA
3- Unrealistic game
4- Unbalanced
5- No good camp spots
6- Plastic Guns
7- Plastic sounds
8- Retarded animations
9- No WWI
10- Shit Mod Tools that doesnt work for me
11- No OMA
Because of this he likes MW2 more...
12- Hard to play with friends, sometimes they are in opposite team.
13- ^^^^ so Boosting is easy.
14- Explosives are super bad.
15- Sometimes you need 1 spas12 shot to kill and other times the whole magazine(8).
16- No OMA.
17- Bad Ghillies(not bad, awful).
18- No Custom Maps.
19- I dont like DLC Maps.
20- Dedis sometimes fuck up.
21- Kiddie servers, if you dont use L96 KICK.
22- Nobody revives you in last stand.
23- No OMA.
24- Laggy in some servers.
25- Bad FPS sometimes.
26- Dogs suck(WaW were better).
we need 35 784 365 817 more reasons.
27- AK47 Overpowered.
28- Snipers suck, AK47 kill in less shots and is more accurate and has more range.
29- LMGs suck too, AK47 kill in less shots and is more accurate and has more range.
30- Shotguns should be secondary weapons.
31- No OMA.
32- You can run at 50 km/h with balistic.
33- Maps are most awful(I like Villa and Nuketown).
34- In dedis you can only find Nuketown servers.
35- Why are dedi owners KIDS???.
36- Jungle is not a jungle.
37- TANKS????
38- Campaign is cool, but estereotyped.
39- Most Zombie maps suck, Kino der Toten is the best of all.
40- Why to reduce camping in zombies??.
41- No OMA.
42- Spas12 is cool, but sometimes suck.
43- To unblock camos should be as in MWs(with headshots).
19 and 44 cover the same thing. I call blasphemy.
2, 11, 16, 23, 31 and 41 cover the same thing to.
(08-04-2011, 11:08)Pozzuh Wrote: [ -> ]2, 11, 16, 23, 31 and 41 cover the same thing to.

No, there can't be enough hate about missing OMA.
It's a fucking OMA, man, and armies consist of more than one part!1!! So telling people that it's missing multiple times is required.

Bitches don't know 'bout my OMA

Ok, i know this is fun, but...


Its a lot of fun. But wayne, i dont want to start a flamethread now, so everyone sfu who want to answer me xD
only thing that sucks about black ops is the netcode and the server browser..
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