Full Version: BO GSC/CSC Extracting
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Is there any way to extract those file from Black Ops files?

I tried MW, WaW and MW2 tools I used before but I always get errors.

Is there anything that could extract the files?

(11-18-2010, 08:53)d0h! Wrote: [ -> ]

just open them via text editor

Yeah, but those are extracted from map already.

I meant a tool for extracting from "any" .ff file. Another map for example.

I can't open mp_mountain.ff in text editor.

How to extract files from .ff to get directory structure like it is on the link you gave me?

I am asking for this because I am working on a BlackOps project which will enable all stuff for playing via bots. Well almost all. But I need some code, especially from common_mp and few others. I might succeed or not but I am on right track.

If there is such a tool for extracting I will post you a video of the progress. If not well then I can't continue because of missing stuff and I really don't have time to go reversing .ff files. They are binary so it would take me a few days just to get some strings.