Full Version: Stratum Black Ops mod [WIP]
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a Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer modification

Status: work-in-progress

Goal: to stop the mindless virtual killing and encourage a more tactical approach to combat simulation, and to have fun

Development team: now hiring volunteers - Programmers, Artists, Concept Developers, Testers - and any other

Estimated duration of the project: first phase - 15 days; second phase, testing - 30 days.


Greetings! I would like to present you my project. The name is Stratum, which means "class", and was picked carefully for the core of this Call of Duty Black Ops modification is the class overhaul system. Black Ops is a great game - if you like mindless shooting - it was planned carefully, the concept is traditional to the series, but it left me wanting more. A couple of days ago, an idea came to me how to fix this while I was browsing Black Ops's source code (yes, it was released by Treyarch). I realized that I spent too much of my time customizing load-out, rather than shooting little bad guys on my screen. Then when I finally had the best possible load-out I ever wanted, and was comfortable playing with it, I didn't feel like shooting anymore.

The Stratum mod's idea was basic at first: to change the way the classes are created in Black Ops. But with this basic and simple idea, many other great ideas followed. Hence, the new gameplay concept and the whole mod project. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the Stratum mod:


Main assault | Support | Stealth/Diversion

Officer | Engineer | Tactical specialist

Light weapons | Medium weapons | BIG GUNS

This above is the new class creation system. It consists of a blue modus operandi, a blue specialization, and of a blue weapons preferences groups of sub-classes. (HINT - they aren't really blue.)
The concept is simple, every time you start a multiplayer game, a screen is shown to you on which you have to choose one sub-class from each of the three groups. The first group represents your preferred gaming style. Would you rather be a stealthy sniper, a grunt which will definitely fall first but with honor, or something in between ready to assist the first two. The second group are the trained specializations. Are you a good commander? Or do you like tech? Maybe you wish to deploy some cool special weapons? All that in those three tiny sub-classes. The third group is rather self-explanatory and dull. Except the big guns. Everybody likes big guns.
Besides the three sub-classes you have to choose, you also have an option to carry a medkit at the cost of some munition, to be able to help your fallen comrades. +A bit more of XPs.
The 9 sub-classes in 3 groups, that totals to 27 predefined load-out configurations. Limited? Yes, but tailored to your wishes and needs in three simple clicks.
I will not go further, if you are interested in playing this mod you'll need to wait a bit. You can track the updates here.
If you're interested in helping me make this thing real, or you want more information contact me through mail or via Skype - filip.vukovinski

> Official website <

I like the idea and hope it becomes a quality mod.
I use only comando or L96a1 and if there's no purpouse gameplay why play it?
How can you encourage team gameplay?
(08-01-2011, 13:01)Gladio Wrote: [ -> ]I use only comando or L96a1 and if there's no purpouse gameplay why play it?
How can you encourage team gameplay?

We plan to overhaul the killstreak system. They will be team-based. Killstreak counter will be going up for each killed enemy team member until all of the friendly team-mates and you weren't killed at least once.

There are also plans for objective based teamplay, but are still under serious consideration, as we are not sure how to implement this feature, if even possible.


Great, maybe one flag only like previuosly cod5 mod (not like mw2).....
team that hold for more time flag will win, can be more teambased game....
I like the idea of this stuff.
Lot's of people tell me Black Ops is only for "Lonewolfs", People who just run into a building, shoot at everything that moves, and don't give a fuck about their teammates, I mean this basically summerizes every Black Ops player.
If I were you, I would focus more on the team play idea, cause there really isnt a mod like that and I think hardcore gamers will really like it.
PS: Jariz dont tell my tricks, Im a spy Tongue