Full Version: Installing CODTools plugin for Autodesk Maya [2009, 2010, 2011, 2012]
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This is a tutorial on how to install the CODTools plugin for all versions of Maya (starting from 2009 and onwards). If you are running Maya 2009, you can go straight to step 4 (make sure to skip step 7).

1. Go to your Documents (My Documents on XP) folder and then into the maya folder.
2. Create a folder named 2009 to make the Mod Tools think you have 2009 installed.
3. Copy the contents (everything that's inside) of the folder named 2010, 2011, 2012 (whatever version of Maya which is currently installed) and paste it into the 2009 folder.
4. Open up the Black Ops Mod Tools launcher and click on Tools > Maya Plugin Setup.
5. Click Yes on the message box.
6. It should install successfully!
7. Copy the contents of the 2009 folder and paste it back into the 2010, 2011, 2012 folder (overwrite if asked). Delete the 2009 folder as it's not needed anymore.
8. Open up Maya and enjoy your new CODTools drop down menu!

Make sure to read up on the documentation supplied by Treyarch on how to use the plugin. It can be found on Docs > Maya CoDTools (on the mod tools launcher).

[Image: maya2012codtools.png]

PLEASE NOTE: The ModelExport plugin may not work for Maya 2012 (as was the case for me). If this happens, it's best you install Maya 2009.
thanks master Awesome
Omg! Thanks Smile
Nice work, hope i can export the cod waw rifles to black ops.
is already done
So youre telling me nobody ever tried that before?
(07-28-2011, 14:22)Scripts18 Wrote: [ -> ]So youre telling me nobody ever tried that before?

I know! Right!
so master does it rly work or not?
Yes this does work.
(08-08-2011, 00:24)DWM|Gdawg Wrote: [ -> ]Yes this does work.

Hum sry but Im talking to master, on another thread he said he got problems, so I need to know if it does work properly or not
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