Full Version: Custom textures!
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So ye, i'm going to post all my Custom textures here for free...I'm a starter so...Please comment ^^ All the files are in .IWI so you have to put them into the iw_29.IWD file. ONLY WORKS FOR PM AND CT and theater i think. Sorry for adfly links,but i need cash =D More textres will come up when i'm done with themAngel

[Image: famaso.png]
Download: -edit-
Password to download: famas

[Image: claymoreh.png]
Download: -edit-
Password to download: claymore

[Image: 1309454482-clip-162kb.jpg]

Justin Claymore Smile
[Image: 1309459706-clip-65kb.jpg]

Pikachu claymoreHeart
[Image: 1309474096-clip-75kb.jpg]

I'm still confused in hwo to add download attachement but as soon as it's ready, the y will be up !
Offtopic: kikimo900 just attach the download link, no outside download link are allowed
How do i attach them?
edit post - full edit - scroll down and you'll see
Quote:Sorry for adfly links,but i need cash

i dont think so!
I think so =p Anyways any comments yet? And i just added the files in attachment but they don't apear...

reup pls, no files attached
Also works on modded servers Tongue
I lolled at the justin bieber one.
I see that alot of people like some of them and i really want to share them,but i can't put attachments...I have no idea why,but hwen i add an attachmeent , the web is just bugs and closes the screen.... So if someone can explain what's wrong with it, i would apreciate it.