Full Version: Dog War!
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[email protected], IDK even how to load the mod but this goes to _rank.gsc

Alright, I never tried it but it's a really really small edit of _rank.gsc.

This basically make you a dog, and black dog for the enemy, never tried, I don't even have black ops.
Wow thx for sharing gj
How do you even know if it works...
Because it works in MW2.
lol xD

I like this.

fun how the fck do i attack knife and shoot doesnt work
How do you turn this code into a .gsc file type after you download it or copy It?
/Facepalm.( If you do not know what a mod is then dont coem this section) Put .gsc at the end of it after you download it then use itsloader to inject in to black ops follow all the instructions or it will not work for you.
Awesome. Only problem is i cant attack with dogs. Pretty sure you will figure it out.
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