Full Version: Custom Killstreaks
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Can someone post here code for adding custom killstreaks? Angel
registerKillstreak(killstreakType,             // killstreak name    
                   killstreakWeapon,         // weapon associated with deploying this killstreak
                   killstreakMenuName,        // killstreak name from the cac loadout (could be merged with the type name)
                   killstreakUsageKey,        // variable that shows the usage for the killstreak ( could be merged with type name )
                   killstreakUseFunction,    // function that gets called when the killstreak gets activated    
                   killstreakDelayStreak,    // weather or not to delay the killstreak at round start
                   weaponHoldAllowed,        // if this killstreak weapon can be held by the player, as opposed to activate and remove (i.e. UAV)
                   killstreakStatsName        // Stats name for killstreak weapons (optional)
Hey man have alook here on the first page at the bottom there are two post's with pieces of code that will do what you want post back if you have any issue's
thx Smile