Full Version: 10.000 regs Giveaway and Contest
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[Image: 10000_snippies_copy_2.jpg]

Nyan Cat 10.000 registrations - it´s done Nyan Cat

7 months - 10.000 regs, what a mess...we need moar!

Good reason to start a little Contest, let´s call it an "Advertisement Contest"

yes it's fine, but we want to get even bigger. There are 2 options in this contest.

The person referred the highest count wins the price

Contest starts: Wednesday 25.05
Contest ends: Wednesday 01.06
Contest duration: 7 days

Contest Options

The contest options are listed below. Please note that there will only be one winner
  • YouTube Advertisement Video (50 points)
  • Recruit Members (20 points)

What are all these contest options? Let me explain each and every one to you.
  • The first option YouTube Advertising. It's pretty easy to do. Yes, you are allowed to host more than one video.
    Goal is to get as many Hits (Keywords etc..) as possible, put a ref link to gain referrals into the description and put a link into the video to
    Post the Videos on other Cheat/Modding/Hacking boards.

  • The second one, recruit members. It's basically that you recruit members (we don't care how you do it) and you get them to register under your referral link.

  • The Referral link can be found in your UserCP

  • Total War: Shogun 2 (Steam) - link

    [Image: gamepackshot_total_war_shogun_2_41373_80...ame=simple]

I am sure you all will enjoy this contest. To the contestants, good luck.
You will have to PM me all your entries.


Contest ended succesfully and i am proud to present the Winner!

The game: Total War: Shogun 2 goes to

ipwnedyou with 171 Referrals

Congratulation, please check your PM. You can leave a message here if you like.

Thanks to everyone who joined the Contest and helped to grow.

For the rest, the next Contest starts soon! Price will be Operation Flashpoint: Red River (also on Steam)

Nice(: Congraturatilitions
Do old refs count?
no old refs
im confused what the youtube option is
my youtube:
Give me Shogun 2 and i'll make 50 accounts everyday.
do i put your videos on my channel or do i put links to itsmods on my videos?
hey if i win im going to be out of town until the 3rd of june so contact me then
the winner will be contacted after the contest and i will make it public of course.

Double Accs are getting deleted, only real refs counts.
We all know I will win this without trying right? (d0h I know where you live)
no NO screw you
swwooosh round the corner
You should wait with this contest until mod tools are out, or throw another contest when they are. I have 2,7k subscribers and youtube and could make an announcement video with some mod shit (roll the dice build 2 perhaps) and itsmods ad
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