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Hey, I've made the mod SPASCHAOS.
In the attachement you will find v1, v1 bots, v1.2, v1.2 bots.

What contains this mod?
-a Spas fmj grip that shoots stinger rockets
-flashing name
-unlimited ammo
-high jumps
-when you spawn you will see a nuke and the screen is all shivering(you don't die because of that nuke btw)
-changed team names
-laser(that fits exactly in the shotgunbarrel)
-no recoil
-killstreaks off
-Custom killstreaks added
-Extended kills for the killstreaks

[Image: iw4mp2011041913002362.jpg]
[Image: iw4mp2011041913065822.jpg]
[Image: iw4mp2011041913130327.jpg]
[Image: iw4mp2011041913163997.jpg]


Have fun with it Wink


AZUMIKKEL for his custom killstreaks
Pictures doesn't work.
(04-19-2011, 15:34)surtek Wrote: [ -> ]Pictures doesn't work.

it works Wink
"This domain violates ImageSchack's ToS."
(04-19-2011, 18:46)surtek Wrote: [ -> ]"This domain violates ImageSchack's ToS."

Same here
now I posted it twice---> works now?
not for me
Neither for me.
Same here, google for tinypic, I think is better
fixed, imageshack works here without problems
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