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Quote:Well this is a little something that I had in my private little collection of odds and ends, and I came across it again, and figured I would fix them up and release them, especially considering nobody wants anything in BO except gold guns >:C

So ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

[Image: 34875287.png]

What this is is a reskin of the UAV, or overhead radar that displays little red dots and teammate's positions. Instead of just a aerial UAV shot of the battle field, this radar will provide with an accurate guide to the entire map including the insides of buildings and underground as well. This means that when you see a red dot on the map, instead of only having a guess as to where they are, you will know their precise location, weather they be behind a crate, or camping under some stairs.

Callouts to help your team pinpoint positions as well
Colorful view for knowing exactly where you, and they are
Underground/multi-level views
Spawn locations
Locations of crates/cars/miscellaneous objects on the map, to know exactly which box the enemy is behind

Pictures speak a thousand words though Wink

[Image: iw4mp2011021116281082.png]
[Image: iw4mp2011021116315029.png]
[Image: iw4mp2011021116330768.png]

All maps are accurate to the in-game foot!
If you find any major inconsistencies, please let me know so I can fix them. There are a few known issues, though they are just an issue of a foot in the game. You should not be using the radar to guide you to the precise pixel, though they were worked as well as I could to give you the best idea of where the enemy is. It is purely up to you to use the general knowledge of the UAV, and translate that into the game yourself. I will claim no responsibility of you sucking, even with my maps. I will claim it though if you die cause you are staring at how sexy they are. Wink

Unfortunately the DLC maps are not included. I do not own them, and even though I have alter, I really dont feel like dong those as well. If enough people want it I would, but I really dont play the maps enough to use them. All of the original 16 maps are included though. I might do this for Cock Ops, but I really dont want to. And not only that but all the radar file I have tried to open give errors. It might not even be possible.

Coming Soon!
[Image: 92809568.png]

Nice Smile
Big Grin I found this on MPGH too. Great post by Heartview [derpderp]
Nice to still see MW2 posts here. Thought it was dying
Nice work, I wish the DLC maps would be included Tongue
He should make some for black ops.
i really want this for blackops so bad you have no idea plz plz plz