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Hey, this is a mod from mw2 that I remade and with some new features Big Grin

The only map for now is Summit, Yes I will add other maps this time.. some maps might be in the _rank.gsc but screw up for some reason. when I made one on Cracked I actually found out that Black Ops has a swimming function sort of! still it sucks that the map edit didnt work correctly Sad

Make the enemy fall to their death by destroying care packages, but make sure that you don't fall down!

You get a random pistol on spawn, you might get it dual wield (1/5 chance) and if you get a CZ75 you might also get it automatic
Its played on SnD, I removed everything that I didnt need so no annoying useless waypoints and stuff ^^. DONT CHANGE GAMETYPE
You get some runner perks which will make it easier to move.
Dont even bother shooting someone, health is set to 9999 and the only possible way to kill someone is to shoot his head for the complete round (have fun Big Grin)

Special Blocks
There are 2 special blocks
The boobytrap can take out multiple crates when it explodes, so be carefull!
The Upgrade block will give the player who destroys it a random SMG, if the player already has an smg, he will get the Rapid Fire attachment.

There are a few settings:
level.enable_traps = 1;         // Enables/disables boobytraps, 0 = off, 1 = on
level.enable_upgrades = 1;        // Enables/disables Upgrades, 0 = off, 1 = on
level.override_mapsettings = 0;    // If this is 1 then it'll override the original map settings(max. traps etc)

level.boxhealth = 175;             // normal crate health
level.traphealth = 300;         // boobytrap health
level.upgradehealth = 500;        // upgradebox health
level.maxtraps = 15;             // maximum number of boobytraps
level.maxupgrades = 2;             // maximum number of upgrade boxes

v0.9 changes

- Added Upgrade box, should work correctly. Reply if you have a bug please Smile

Nobody wants to/can join me (-.-) so there will be some bugs, especially with the HUD I think.. because of that I cannot make a video. but here are some screenshots

@ Round Start
[Image: shot0009i.jpg]
[Image: shot0010n.jpg]
Boobytrap exploding
[Image: shot0006n.jpg]
Destroying some crates Big Grin
[Image: shot0007a.jpg]
[Image: shot0008to.jpg]

Chronalis - For making the MW2 mod: Make 'em Fall
Azumikkel - For releasing H&S with its awesome HUD!
Tomsen1410 - For the only testing we did
lawl nice idea. never heard of this mod in mw2 before.
(03-18-2011, 22:44)d0h! Wrote: [ -> ]lawl nice idea. never heard of this mod in mw2 before.
Here is a video of the mw2 version.. there are some differences though. concept is the same.

I used a video tag which I shouldn't do. I should just post the URL to the video. Now I learnt from my mistakes and I will now edit my post to fix this.
that seems to be very amusing Wink
(03-18-2011, 22:50)d0h! Wrote: [ -> ]that seems to be very amusing Wink
everytime I was the host I was hosting this XD

I do need to make some different shaped maps to keep it fun.. like circles or stars Big Grin
Nice this should be fun
Nice mod =)
Thx for Credits Big Grin

Btw. good Job Wink


(u have to test with me Jumper vs Paladins again Sleepy )
This should be fun.
i cant see the pictures but i see the video its will be fun but when i chcked it on blackops its done to load the map then was some error i dont know something with connect or something and i tryed another mod's and they work ..
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