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Full video trailer here:
Big big thanks to Miffy!

Full source included (guess what, it's Python).

This software is NGO-Ware. If you like it, please donate to the Red Cross and PM me to let me know.
Red Cross EU: RedCross - EU Office / Home or Red Cross US: American Red Cross
Thanks in advance.

Before asking any questions, read these:
*** THIS HACK MAY BE EVENTUALLY DETECTED: use at your own risk


- Radar ESP: both rotating radar and global fixed radar (toggle with NUMPAD +)
- Box ESP + Name tag + Weapon name + Helis + Sentries
- Explosive ESP - including all grenades and RC-XD
- Rage feature to mark a player you want to molest repeatedly
- Crosshair
- Aimbot + Tubebot: use either right mouse button or HOME key.
Note: aimbot target selection is a mix between closest enemy and closest to crosshair.
Note: tubebot allows indirect bell-curved rather than direct curve with CAPSLOCK key
- Includes a pattern scanner, automatic offset updates when game updates
- Works for any Python version : 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 -- from ActivePython or

New in 1.7
- Enemy behind detector
- Trigger bot like in MW2 version: shoots whenever the crosshair is inside an enemy boxesp - you need to map 'H' key to fire action
- Ammo counter - useful in hardcore match
- C4 autofire - automatically trigger C4 when an enemy is in a close radius, try not to put it behind walls that might protect the enemy
- Grenade cooking countdown
- Corrected autostab

Improvements over 1.6
- Corrected pattern scanner for BlackOps update of Feb 8th 2011

Improvements over 1.5
- snaplines now really work
- RCXD ESP including radar and friend/enemy detection
- tomahawk bot
- extended autostab radius while running (shift key pressed)
- more sprited on ESP

Original credits for External BoxESP for MW2:

- KN4CK3R, Tristan Ward (not cheat related), Big Dave, SuprNovaAO, S0beit, xZetera, Sumol, blambo, cardoow, Ghett0, jixz, kolbybrooks, username_in_use, warezdude92.
- Special thanks to dheir.

Credit for BlackOps version:
- cardoow, CyberDwak, s0beit
- Bug thanks to MiF for thorough beta testing

1. You are downloading a hack that was designed for Windows 7/Vista.
The reason this hack is for windows 7/Vista is because it uses functions of Windows AERO to use as a medium to draw the hack information on. Windows XP does not and will not have those functions on it (Sorry).

2. You download one .rar file - when extracted contains a folder with everything needed for the hack.

3. Why this hack is safe vs. other hacks that are injected.
When you use a hack that injects its own code into a game, it changes information in the running game in your computers memory.
VAC2 is designed to scan for these changes and flag your account for hacking.
This hack uses RPM (Read Process Memory), and does not insert it's own code into the hack. It simply takes information about enemies, their location, etc, and does some math to calculate the information presented on the screen in the form of the hack. The actual information that is show on the screen is not
drawn on the game window itself, (as that would be easily detected), but rather drawn using functions of Windows Aero theme, on and invisible overlay that sits on top of your game. This is why the game needs to be in windowed mode, in order to allow the overlay to sit on top.

Be careful however, VAC finally started using EXE signature scanning and the MW2 hack was finally detected after 9 months...


1. Download the file as attachment on the first post of this page

2. If you do not have winrar installed, download it at, WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files,
After you know you have winrar installed extract the .rar file to a location, say your desktop for example.
Inside the folder you have this directory structure.
(Feel free to move this folder anywhere as long as you keep all the files together.)

3. Open the folder, and double-click on 'run.bat'.

Note: it includes a stripped down version of Python 2.7. You can download alternative 2.7 python from or activestate web sites.



F3: Crosshair
Toggle this on or off for a more precise aim.
F4: Explosive ESP
F5: Aimbot
Use this to get a lock on the enemy when they are near your crosshairs. (press right mouse button or HOME key)
F6: Show weapon names
F7: Tomahawk bot
F8: Autostab - make sure the melee key is 'V' in your game
F9: Triggerbot - bind the fire action to 'H' key in you game
F10: Radar
F11: Box Esp
F12: Snapline
Draw lines to easily locate enemy players

[Image: screen17.jpg]
[Image: screen16l.jpg]
[Image: screen1lz.jpg]

ExternalHack v1.7 for BlackOps by Sph4ck.rar - Jotti's malware scan
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
d0h delete this lol , if 1.7 comes out update your thread
its a leaked version. closed
Has been officially released now.
I don't speak english but italian.
I have a problem, start hack v1.7, start black ops multiplayer and have this ERROR:

I use windows 7 32 bit and windows vista 64bit.

Best Regards
1st) no need to create another thread with the same problem! (i deleted the other one)
2nd) followed the instructions?
started the game in windowed mode?
(03-18-2011, 12:00)d0h! Wrote: [ -> ]1st) no need to create another thread with the same problem! (i deleted the other one)
2nd) followed the instructions?
started the game in windowed mode?

I put it window mode and tried with all resolutions, always gives me this error in my laptop with win vista start perfectly!

My PC:
-3 hd westerndigital 1T
-1 hd Corsair ssd
-Rampage 3 extreme
-core i7 950
-3 GB trealchannel corsair 1800Mhz
-nvidia geforce 480 gtx

1 hd win vista, 1 hd windows 7
(new installation, only drivers and updates)

How can I do to fix this?

Best Regards
Doesn't work after the 3/25/2011 update. Pretty sure you can fix it with some minor programming.
Yeah think they changed offsets
They press compile in Visual Studio and the offsets change automagically.
They don't do it to piss anyone off, they can't even prevent this from happening.
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