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MW2 Ultimate Admin System v3

MW2 Ultimate Admin System (Menu) v3
Hey what's up guys?
I am back with another amazing mod for you. After seeing how many people had trouble with my first menu, I decided that I would build an easier menu. At first it was only going to be a kick menu but I got bored, so I decided to add on to it a bit. After about 3 days of adding s**t, I am finally happy with this. Enough so that I can share it with the community. This new menu has EVERYTHING you need to run a server, or even have it run itself. It allows admin adding (easy), map changing, gametype changing, some settings you can toggle, a kick menu, and a notification system, all built into 1 single file and accessed with only 1 line of coded necessary in your mod.

What is it?:
The Ultimate Admin System v3 is a brand new admin system for any mod designed with ease of use, and to allow as much function, with as little code as possible. It is also open-source, allowing free editing.

What is so new about your menu?:
Well, my first menu was a modification of a pre-made kick menu, created by K Brizzle.
The old version was designed for the host only, to make live hosting easier. This is nice and all but dedicated servers need more than that. This new menu allows multi-user access, has multiple pages sorted neatly, and allows more flexibility with admins. It also has the following:

* In-Game Gametype Changer
* In-Game Map Changer
* Map Rotation Toggle
* Hardcore Mode Toggle
* Diehard Mode Toggle
* MegaMode Toggle (Look before you ask)
* Restart Map Function
* End Game Function
* Force to Lobby Function
* Beautiful Kick Menu
* Slay Menu
* Blind Menu
* Freeze Menu
* Teleport Player to Admin
* Teleport Admin to Player

You can clearly see that this menu (admin system) has a ton of options that the last menu did not have.

More Info:
Even though my last menu was a success, I was correct in saying that I would be flamed for the encryption. Well because of popular request, I am releasing my new v3 menu open-source to allow free editing. I have not encrypted a single bit of code and the menu is ready to be edited. I will also be offering any support you need via PM or AIM (xZ3ROxPROJ3CTx).

How to add to a mod:

1. Open your mods main file
2. Locate your onPlayerSpawned(); thread
3. Find for(;; ) in the thread
4. Add the following line of code ABOVE for(;; )


if(self.GUID == "0110000103d48b31" || self isHost() || self.GUID == "") { self thread maps\mp\mods\_KickMenu::menuInit(); }

Menu Controls:

* [+actionslot 2] - Open/Close Menu
* [W] - Scroll Up
* [S] - Scroll Down
* [A] - Scroll Left
* [D] - Scroll Right
* [Space] - Select Option

Controls are also displayed on your screen in some form, at all times, to avoid confusion.


* ZerO (iZ3RO) - Menu Creation
* PhantomGamers - Beta Testing/Syntax Checking
* [CoD6HMod]Nukem (b0mber21) - Beta Testing/Syntax Checking


* Pastebin - _KickMenu.gsc

Quote: I have put quite a bit of effort into making this menu, and making sure it was simple to use, so I hope you have a simple time editing and I hope you enjoy the new open-source version.

Hey guys i have a problem with this Admin menu ... everytime in S&D after the first round it doesn't open anymore. Do u know why and can u send me ur fixed Menu i u did this?^^
when i open the file, it doesn't let me open it with anything. any help appreciated....Big Grin
(02-19-2011, 00:36)jellybaby789 Wrote: [ -> ]when i open the file, it doesn't let me open it with anything. any help appreciated....Big Grin

notepad, wordpad, notepad++ whatever you prefer
Looks Good...
I dont find the " onPlayerSpawned(); thread"

can anyone help?
look in the _rank.gsc
hi i got a problem i can't scroll left or right i press 4+F or 4+G but nothing happens pls help
mayby it's a noob question but do you have to change that GUID?

if yes--> how find that?

and what do you have to add more?
Is this a hack? Like can you get ban for using it? Even other admin system because like you get to level 70 automaticly. Its like kinda rank hack :S and rank hack is a hack and i think we cant so..................... awnser fast!

EDIT: What i do with the gsc? Do i have to put its somewhere or something? Do i have to rename its to _rank.gsc? Any help will be appreciate. Thanks
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