Full Version: [Unapproved] Roll request~
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I came up with more... but I realize that it might be a tad too early for me to make another suggestion, seeing that my earlier post is only few columns under me.

So put this off and ignore it if you have to.

Anyhow, here it is.

NoWalls - No clip, basically. You go through walls and such, but die if you go out of map. (try giving a 40 second time limit, then respawn)

Crawler - you are forced to crouch, and give off gas, and knifing only. (maybe you give off gas when you die, too)

Death Note - Kill a person of your choice. (if not, a random person)

Giant - Your footsteps and your gunfire sounds are increased (by a lot)

Portal Gun - You know the game, Portal, right? You create two portals and you can go through them. (if not possible, just create a gun that lets you go through walls... If not, just don't try this at all)

Blind - Stun/flashed mode, except your movements are normal

Jail- A cage appears around you, and you are trapped for ? seconds

Terminator - A light machine gun (your pick) and a rpg together.

Golden - all your guns and equipment's texture is gold.

Double kill - each person gives you 2 kills instead of one.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - more health, faster, and better damage

Chameleon - When you're not moving, you're invisible.

Also, all rolls that I suggest, are thought up by me.
Nice idea's man Wink
nice ideas indeed
Thank you alot (:

It's sad that the modloader was patched, otherwise I'd have released Hide'n'Seek already and would probably have implemented most rolls.

And don't worry about the threads, if it was up to me, I would want a new one for each roll idea (: maximum order. But that'd take more time for you, so however you post them is good with me <3
We have a whole section after all

I will continue soon if Nova sticks to what is told in the ModLoader thread.
Good Ideas? Psh.
I could've never though of something like... like suicide bomber and teleport... or orgasm.

Anyway, yeah. I hope Nova keeps his promise, so I get to see how these turn out Big Grin (if you were planning to add them)

So uh... I can't wait until it's updated. :]