Full Version: [IMPORTANT]DZ Extraction
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COD: Zombies HAX
I have a .DZ file that I think must be Dzip but I just can't extract it, When I open it in a Hex editer I can see file names in it, These are The Raw Files of the Maps/Menu/GAMETYPES/GSCs(Maybe) for Call Of Duty: Zombies for iPhone/iPod Touch, I have edited and modded most files but look through the raw game for me (tiny file and no warez becuase its not the IPA file and without it its useless to run) . My iPhone is jailbroken.

The only files I cant open are these:

CODWAW/E0CBF9D7-F6B8-44FD-BBDE-D0AA6325BFCE/ _ .dz files

I think The important files are in the first one, This would also make the possiblity of custom maps on iPhone.
Just to tell you this game has never had a mod attempted to be loaded - so if you got one loader that would be big !
since I cant attach files in PM here's the link:
if anyone could extract/tell me how to extract these that would be great!

PS: sry about external link, i used it when I PMed somebody about this and now I really can't re-upload it