Full Version: 3D Holographic RADAR by Lost4468
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You need developer to be set to 1 and developer_script to be set to 1 when you do this so the game is in dev mode. You can change the range with the range var in the function, just add the radar function onto onplayer connect for one person only.

I used a video tag which I shouldn't do. I should just post the URL to the video. Now I learnt from my mistakes and I will now edit my post to fix this.

                thread fade(pos,pos+(sin(i)*100,cos(i)*100,0),(0,0,0));
                thread fade(pos,pos+(sin(i)*100,cos(i)*100,0),(0,1,0),1.5);
                        if(distance2d(level.players[x].origin,pos+(sin(i)*100,cos(i)*100,0))<distance2d(level.players[x].origin,pos+(sin(i+0.25)*100,cos(i+0.25)*100,0)) && distance2d(level.players[x].origin,pos+(sin(i)*100,cos(i)*100,0))<distance2d(level.players[x].origin,pos+(sin(i-0.25)*100,cos(i-0.25)*100,0))&&distance2d(level.players[x].origin,pos)<range){
                                thread playSoundinspace("mpl_turret_alert",pos);
                                if(level.players[x].team=="axis")c=(1,0,0);else c=(0,0,1);
                                                thread fade(pos+(sin(i)*distance2d(level.players[x].origin,pos)/(range/100),cos(i)*distance2d(level.players[x].origin,pos)/(range/100),0),pos+((sin(i)*distance2d(level.players[x].origin,pos)/(range/100))+sin(z)*5,(cos(i)*distance2d(level.players[x].origin,pos)/(range/100))+cos(z)*5,10),c,4);}
                        wait .05;

                        line(pos,end,col,1,1);wait .05;}
                wait .05;

Made by Lost4468.
Hoooooow caan you seee intoo myy eeyes, like open dooooors

well that's what I call coding !!
wow @ lost. awesome skills
OMG just awesome!!!
Now thats awesome *stunned*
It's very amazing his skills, but I mean: it's kinda useless. What could you do with a big radar on the ground?
I dunno, but it looks good so its good for me XD jks.
But it is in developer mode, which is hard to put it in a mod (I mean mod is for players, but it can be only activated by one player)
Here's the point I agree with
killingdyl Wrote:lol wow u must really had NOTHING else to do haha its cool but idk doesnt seem like it would really be used for anything besides just looking cool in the middle of no where
(02-10-2011, 09:07)surtek Wrote: [ -> ]It's very amazing his skills, but I mean: it's kinda useless. What could you do with a big radar on the ground?

What do you mean? It's at least as useful as his merry go 'round.
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