Full Version: Server is not showing in browser
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Hi there,

I installed some days ago a new mw3 server.
The server is working fine.
I also can query the server.
At the moment I join via startup parameter, this works, but I want the server in the serverlist.
The required ports are open and not blocked.
//////Dedicated server addon enabled//////
////Created by Nukem |
////CoD8HMod |

Version 1.414
Server timed messages successfully loaded!
Permission plugin loaded. Author: Pozzuh. Version 1.0 Beta
Error: The XUID: is in multiple groups

version 1.9.461
Connecting to online services....
Connected to online services.
Executing server config "server.cfg"
Error: default (67): map rotation list is full stopping 16
Succeeded reading from default.dspl
Loaded 16 map entries
Loading DSR "ggu.dsr"...
Loading Succeeded for DSR "ggu.dsr"
Spawning map: mp_carbon, gametype war
Initializing Steam Game Server: game port 27015, auth port 8766, query port 27017, gamedir modernwarfare3, version
Steam Game Server initialized as Internet Server.
No Steam Master Servers found. Server will LAN visible only.
Steam Game Server connected. Local IP, Public IP, Game Port 27015
Steam Game Server is VAC Secure
Spawn map (mp_carbon, war) complete.
Same here
Idk what to do
dont know what to do