Full Version: aIW ban evade v1
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hey guys

decided to release my xuid spoofer for alter**net.
this tool won't help you if you have an IP based ban.

[Image: 6AKUVh.jpg]

i only it tested on win7 x64 + win7 x86 and it worked fine.

i didn't have much time to test.
if you spot any bugs or problems just post or pm me.


EDIT: you may rename the dll and exe file

when you recieve a ban on aiw they usually set your internet ip address + your xuid on a blacklist / banlist.
if you can't change your ip or your internet service provider does not use dynamic ip addresses this program won't help you to evade your ban. so don't wonder why you are still banned / not able to play

LOL release aIW stuff on a forum which rules is about warez
Nice one Smile
cause its fooling aIW