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Server V.1.9.441 + 1.413 addon: Exceeded limit 64´attachment´assets Error
Hi Guyz,

New try today, getting my mw3 serva working...

Downloaded the newest mw3 serva V1.9.441 from steam, copied the mw3 server dir to seperate one, pasted the server addon´s v1.413 files to server directory and replaced the iw5mp_server.exe. Set da start parameters of iw5mp_server.exe to:

+set net_queryPort 27014 +set net_port 27015 +set net_authPort 8766 +set dedicated 2 +start_map_rotate

After Serva-launching with addon v1.413 getting following error:

Exceeded limit 64´attachment´assets.

Starting the server without server addon getting following error:

Invalid server configuration - insufficient cpu performance 4.6011 ghz for 2 clients. Minimum 5.7000 ghz required.

(I Can´t find "CPU and bandwidth bypass" fix or fixed iw5mp_server.exe for V1.9.441.)

Heiliga Bimm Bamm, what´z wrong ?
lol new asset type?
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
(08-26-2012, 16:33)JayDi Wrote: lol new asset type?

Yo, JayDI,

please tell me, what do you mean with "new asset type?"

Sorry, i have only just started working with server addon...
Really strange, but problem has been solved ...

I´ve downloaded Steam Serva and the Server Addon files again, pasted the addon files . And no more error...

I was a little bit wondering, because I Didn´t replace the iw5mp_server.exe with this one of the "ADDON TUTORIAL FOR SUPERNOOBs" !!??

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