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Request Blackops Proradar™
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If you need images edited i could have a look at them if you converted them.
that would be great i am still looking for someone to do this and i still have all the compass files converted in dds see here http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Pror...84%A2.html that is what im looking for clean text callout's however with blackops i was thinking maybe colorcode the callouts ie white for ground level and blue for above ground that way all you are adding is the text callouts and a lengend at the bottom telling the player what the colors represents,, so you in? Angel
(04-11-2011, 02:32)rotceh_dnih Wrote: Work begins

Attached is a zip with all compass map file even the unused one converted to dds
page 2 i think is a zip with all the dds files just grab mountain or nuked and add some random text in as a test and send it to me i'll do the rest just make sure you have the photoshop and the dds plug-in and save it as dds interpolated DXT5 "i just tried with gimp but it didnt work Sad


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