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[Release] Survival/Chaos

Did you try loading the mod before launching the server?

yes and still the same. i have tried on react client as it may just be the client but it just wont work on dedi server's
I get this error when I try to play the mod https://gyazo.com/63d4b5dcb1135b0e4880ade760a632bf
An update for those getting an error when loading the mod, if someone is still interested:

If you want to load this mod on some of the newer MW2 clients, you can't use the menu. You have to use a console command.
After loading the mod in the main menu, open up the console command, and type

map mapnamehere

replace "mapnamehere" with the map name that can be found in the game files. For example, if you want to load rust:

PHP Code:
map mp_rust 

If you're unsure how, find a tutorial for how to change maps in dedicated servers, as it is pretty much the same.

For chaos mode, type (I think, not entirely sure):

PHP Code:
g_gametype chaos 

Edit: For those who are interested as to why this might be happening, I believe it has something to do with that one of the latest clients has implemented a more CoD4-style of loading games through the menu. The old command for launching private matches has been edited to create a kind of local dedicated server instead of xbox-styled-private matches. This mod never really worked well on dedicated servers.

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