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Release InfinityScript | Health on HUD
Some notes
1. I am have permission @SuperNovaAO for post script
2. I am doesnt support Teknoshit or Plusshit or other shit
although this script can work on Tekno,Plus and others shit
Thaths my first public script.
Maded for itsmods only Big Grin
What is it?
Its script share Health Players on HUD
Screenshot (Click to View)
change log (Click to View)
How i can change coordinates HUD (x,y)?
Open folder scripts//HealthOnHud// , open file settings.txt end edit coordinates
Changing coordinares (Click to View)
by the way HUDTEXTSIZE doesnt work (I fix it in Next Version

How to know script loaded and doesnt have errors
You see in console it text
If you by chance missed/edit settings.txt (Click to View)
Credits @Dude and my OMA
Source code by @ILSpy (Click to View)
Report of any bugs/glitch in this thread.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 9.96 KB / Downloads: 157)
.rar   healthonhud (Size: 9.38 KB / Downloads: 90)
.rar 1.3.0.rar (Size: 9.36 KB / Downloads: 354)
[Image: One_Man_Army_Bag_render_MW2.PNG]

Wow thats alot of code, i created the same this half the code maybe even less

What a great code!
It was possible to do something like this:
PHP Code:
using InfinityScript;
using System;
using System.IO;

    public class 
KillHud BaseScript
PlayerConnected += new Action<Entity>(player =>
HudElem fontString1 HudElem.CreateFontString(player"hudbig"0.6f);
fontString1.SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT""BOTTOMRIGHT", -53, -100);
OnInterval(100, (Func<bool>)(() =>
fontString1.SetText("^2Kills: ^3" player.GetField<int>("kills").ToString());
fontString1.SetField("glowcolor", new Vector3(1f0f1.5f));
fontString1.GlowAlpha 1f;

HudElem fontString2 HudElem.CreateFontString(player"hudbig"0.6f);
fontString2.SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT""BOTTOMRIGHT", -53, -80);
OnInterval(100, (Func<bool>)(() =>
fontString2.SetText("^2Health: ^3" player.Health);
fontString2.SetField("glowcolor", new Vector3(1f0f1.5f));
fontString2.GlowAlpha 1f;


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