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[Release] Export models from Call Of Duty : Black Ops
(10-25-2011, 19:25)jariz Wrote: Just don't even start on it, I already tried exporting them and it won't work.
The creator of the modelexporter needs to update it because it currently only can export weapons (and some other little stuff but most of the models it can't export)

someone else has almost finsihed a much better tool that is just around the corner , i've been privileged enough to see the inner makings of this tool & there is no dought it will be a win for our community keep your eye's open for said tool in the next few day's.
okay, sounds interesting....
I'm having a bit of trouble getting it to work. Could someone export the Huey UH-1 helicopter with textures as a obj for me? Thanks
@DivadWaldoss :
As mentioned in the thread: This does not work on all models for a reason.
As hector said in the post above me, people are working on a tool that does all this.
Suppose you can only wait because we can't export it for you neither.
Thanks for the reply...
I actually figured something out... thanks!
Great Tutorial and program! I've been messing with it and playing with some models. But I'm having trouble finding the Bus model and the Moving truck. (The ones in NukeTown) I found the textures but I can't seem to find the Xmodel file, any help?
Do i need to install modtools for this? (there is not raw folder)

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